Things You Need to Know Before Calling Concrete Contractors 

A worker is resurfacing concrete sidewalk using Trowels

If you’re planning a home, business, or other construction projects in the Los Angeles area and want to get a contractor for your project, there are some essential things you need to know before hiring one. You need to understand that the contractor you hire has experience in your particular project, is licensed and insured, and can complete your specific job on time. Let’s start.

What is a California concrete contractor?  

A California concrete contractor is a firm that specializes in the installation of concrete pavement for roadways, parking lots, and sidewalks.  

Why is it essential to get the best concrete service? 

The shortest answer to that question is money. The right concrete contractor will save you a lot of time and frustration and help you avoid expensive mistakes. 

When you hire the wrong California concrete services, your plan can suffer greatly. You might get shoddy workmanship or damage to other parts of your property while they are working. Your design may also not be completed in a timely manner and cost more than it should have due to errors made by inexperienced pavers. There is no substitute for hiring reputable, reliable services for your idea.  

Things to consider in choosing the best California service  

Here are the things you should know before hiring a concrete contractor in LA:   


The first thing to know is, do they have construction experience? While some Los Angeles CA businesses can do residential and commercial work, unless the firm has extensive knowledge about completing these jobs successfully, go ahead and look elsewhere!  

Insurance coverage  

The next thing you should consider is whether or not this California contractor has insurance coverage in case something goes wrong during your project. Most reputable California concrete contractors are insured for accidents that occur while working and any damage done by them if there is an accident with subcontractors who may be helping them complete your job. If they don’t have proper insurance coverage, it might be best to look elsewhere.  

Best materials  

Make sure this California service doesn’t cut corners on materials by using cheap fillers or sub-par concrete mixes. You’d want them to use high-quality products because otherwise, your driveway may start deteriorating quickly, which will be expensive down the road since most homeowners end up spending more money trying to maintain quality if their pavement is sub-par. Make sure that whatever materials are used meet California state specifications or, even better.  

Right equipment  

Make sure they have the right equipment and that they’ve been using the same equipment on jobs for years. Suppose you get a quote, and it seems low. In that case, chances are they’re not going to offer you high-quality work because their equipment isn’t in good shape or has broken down frequently, cutting into profits which is why they’ll try and underbid other companies with better machinery.  

Services offered  

Ask them what services they offer! Make sure they’re not just offering you driveway services but other types of work as well. Suppose you want to expand your property down the road, it’s best if this contractor has experience with landscaping and retaining wall installation since these projects can be done simultaneously.  

Attention to detail  

How is their attention to detail? A good Los Angeles concrete company should pay attention to detail since they must be making sure all of the joints are smooth for optimal results.  

Work timeframe  

How long will the project take? It’s best to get at least a rough estimate or range because doing so can give you an idea of how much time this firm has allotted for your specific job. Most reputable California contractors will offer these types of estimates, but some unscrupulous ones out there might try and rush through it without putting in proper workmanship to make more money.  


It’s always good to find at least three past clients who have used this specific firm because it gives you an idea about how well they work with their customers, whether or not there were any problems during projects, and what types of works they’ve done in the past.   

If these aren’t available, ask them if other homeowners are willing to talk about their experiences! Sometimes companies will offer testimonials on their website. Still, it rarely goes into detail unless the firm itself writes those, so you’ll want to stick with actual customer reviews.  

Registered and licensed  

You’ll want to find out if the contractor has a valid business license and is registered with the state of California. If they have a business license, then this means that the city or county where you live has permitted them to operate in their area. Getting a business permit revoked by California is complicated, so most companies will go out of their way to comply with local and national regulations!  

Clear contracts  

Contracts should be clear with all project details such as materials used when they’ll start and finish work, how much it will cost in total (including taxes), special instructions, or notes on what you want to be done ahead of time. Read over this carefully to ensure everything is correct before signing since you don’t like something significant being missed!  

Contracts should also have a clause that states whether or not their employees are covered under any form of worker’s compensation insurance. So, if there ever were an accident during your job, then your California service would help foot the bill for medical expenses instead of you having to do anything. This type of umbrella protection is essential because everyone working on your house has proper coverage against any accidents that might occur.  

Getting price quotes  

It’s essential to get at least three estimates from different California concrete services since this will help you see who is offering fair prices for what you’re asking, even if it means calling multiple companies to find out their rates! Go with the firm that seems most professional, offers a reasonable price when comparing materials vs. labor costs, and has the best reviews overall because these are all signs of an experienced contractor whom you can trust with your future projects!  


The last thing you’ll want to do before hiring professionals for your project is to have an initial consultation with them about what needs to be done on your property. This is easiest way for homeowners to find out if there are any red flags regarding this company – ask questions about everything from how long they’ve been in business in LA County down to whether or not they use subcontractors during certain parts of your job.   

If the homeowners don’t feel comfortable having a face-to-face meeting, they should move on to another company since it’s essential to determine if this will be a good fit for your plan. During this consultation, you can also ask how long their work will take and what warranty they offer on finished materials.  

Positive reviews  

When hiring a concrete service, the last thing you need is dealing with companies who don’t have any reviews online, many years’ worth of experience completing similar jobs, who are insured, have the right equipment, and proper certification.  


Once you have found someone who meets all of your requirements, then be sure to sign a contract with them before they start work, so there aren’t any misunderstandings down the line about payment information or how long the job takes. This way, everything is clear, and there won’t be any confusion between the two of you!  

Frontyard concrete patio of a beautiful house in Los Angeles


You’ve finally found your chosen service, and they’re starting work on your home, so now it’s time to sit back, relax, and let them handle everything for you. With professionals taking care of concrete works in LA property, then this means that all you have to do is check up on progress every once in a while, to make sure things are going as planned or if they need anything from you before continuing with their job.  

As long as you follow these steps, finding the right concrete firm should be simple, even if it can take some time. Remember, it always pays off when choosing someone who has experience working with customers like yourself since communication skills play an important role in concrete construction and replacement design.  

Choosing the right LA contractor is essential. It’s an investment that will last for years and can save you headaches down the road if done correctly. Luckily, LAX Concrete Contractors has been providing reliable concrete services to homeowners in Los Angeles County.  

We know everything about concrete, from design and construction through maintenance, as well as how it affects your home’s value. If you want a company with experience that offers excellent service at competitive prices, we’re here for you from Mon – Fri: 8 am to 6 pm.  Give us a call today or fill out our contact form; we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have! 

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