Sidewalk Company Los Angeles

Your front door opens up to the neighborhood, but there’s one way to make your home look inviting and unique: installing a stamped, colored concrete walkway leading from the street to your home.

Learn about your options for a backyard path, an inviting foot trail, or a resurfaced sidewalk– all installed by the concrete sidewalk contractor Los Angeles trusts.

Picture this: it’s Halloween or Christmas, and you’re decorating your home. Wouldn’t you like to set up jack o lanterns or twinkly lights along the path leading to your doorway? 

Turn your house into a picturesque home with a pathway leading to your front door. LAX Concrete Contractors provides many sidewalk options to choose from.

Decorative Concrete

Nowadays, a plain gray sidewalk is just the beginning. Homeowners and businesses can choose from textured, slip-resistant, and even colored or stamped options. 

While pavers can be costly and require weeding and upkeep, a stamped concrete walkway can provide the look of stone, brick, or tile without the need to pull out unsightly weeds from within the cracks. 

Consider the entirety of your lawn, garden, and backyard areas. What is the ultimate look you are going for? Let your personal style shine through with a laminated or decorative bordered sidewalk.

Finding a Concrete Sidewalk Contractor Los Angeles Residents Trust 

Sidewalks can take a beating, from weather changes to earthquakes, and from foot traffic to tree roots. Still, it is essential to have well crafted and crack free pathways to avoid tripping or uneven walking surfaces. In short, you’re looking for LAX Concrete Contractors to take on the job.

But installing a new sidewalk is only part of the professional skills we offer. Consider a resurfaced sidewalk if your pathway is beginning to show signs of wear and tear. 

Resurfaced sidewalks are a more affordable option and don’t require complete demolition of the existing walkway. Not only that, but our experts can stain or texture your concrete, making for a brand new look on your existing concrete surface. As a sidewalk repair company, we know you want to put your best foot forward for your home, and we can accomplish this without emptying your wallet. 

Our contractors can inspect your sidewalk to determine if a resurfaced finish is the best solution for you. 

Sidewalk Tips and Tricks

Homeowners and commercial enterprises should think about these considerations when making plans for their outdoor paths:

  • Cracks and chips can make a sidewalk hazardous. Check your pathways periodically for these blemishes, and reach out for repairs sooner rather than later. 
  • Beware of root growth when planting trees. It’s always nice to have shade, but over time roots can disrupt your smooth walkway.
  • Consider concrete solutions as an economical and well-made alternative to other materials such as asphalt or brick.


Sidewalk Solutions: Installation and Repair

LAX Concrete Contractors are professionals and design experts who can help make your home welcoming and inviting with a newly installed or resurfaced sidewalk. Reach out today to see what we can do for you. 

  • Offering resurfacing or repair for old, damaged sidewalks.
  • New installation or sidewalk extension available.
  • Decorative concrete stamping and staining available upon request.