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So you’re thinking about having some concrete construction done? Maybe you’re unsure of which business to connect with for concrete services, but you know you need an experienced and skilled concrete contractor in the Los Angeles area to get the job done?


LAX Concrete Contractors is a licensed and bonded concrete contractor servicing these areas in California:


 Los Angeles | Long Beach | Torrence | Santa Monica | Inglewood | Lakewood | & Beyond




The Concrete Company Los Angeles CA Depends On

LAX Concrete Contractors connects with our Los Angeles area clients for repeat work, as we know that long-time relationships are built when we deliver the high-quality service that we say we will. It’s that simple. 

Whatever your construction project, we know we can exceed your great expectations and manifest excellence—leaving you satisfied with a job well done. 

Commercial Concrete Service

If you’re searching for a “commercial concrete contractor near me,” in Los Angeles, our professional commercial concrete contractors perform installations for your commercial business needs, such as warehouse flooring, exterior sidewalks and patios, paving driveways, parking lots, basketball courts, ADA ramps, concrete slabs, and other hardscape projects. 

Concrete work provides several benefits for commercial concrete projects over other masonry materials: it is long-lasting, it is economical, and it is affordable. 

A well-designed business facade invites your customers in. Let us bring our professionals in to provide their best commercial concrete services for you, making this process easy and successful so you can get back to the business of life. 


Residential Concrete Installation

Whether you are seeking concrete pumping, curb and drainage solutions,  new patios, steps, decks, walkways with pavers, foundations, retaining walls, or are adding on to your existing structures, we want to turn your house into a welcoming home the whole neighborhood will admire with our professional hardscape services.  

When we contract with you, we know that establishing trust is a vital aspect of providing concrete services. We value your satisfaction and we take pride in delivering the best work at a low cost for your house. 

We’ll explain the entire process to you so you can rest easy while we complete the contracted work without any headaches for you. 


Our expert concrete contractors have years of experience satisfying clients and providing top-quality service in Los Angeles, California. We know you’ll find them to be skilled and personable for construction jobs of any size. We are up-to-date on business best practices and state-of-the-art installation technology.


Quality materials

We utilize top-quality materials when working on your job—from concrete pumping to structural repairs and resurfacing projects, and from structural foundation pouring to decorative concrete finishes on walkways, patios, pool deck, steps, walls, and more. We are confident in the products we use, and we stand by our work.


Affordable Quotes

Concrete is a versatile and budget-friendly solution to your construction needs. We know our customers deserve the best product without breaking the bank, and that’s why we offer free quotes with all cost factors upfront, so there are no surprises.

Long-lasting Result

Our concrete structures endure for decades because we know you need to rely on your sidewalks, driveways, walls, pool deck, steps, and warehouse floors in all conditions and despite impacts from daily use. Get ready to be impressed with our commitment to providing a beautiful result for years to come.


Repair and Resurfacing Solutions from a Los Angeles Concrete Contractor

LAX Concrete Contractors knows your commercial or residential property is important to you. When your concrete walls or structures begin to fade or settle, it’s time to reach out for a tune-up. We offer structural repair and resurfacing solutions at price points you can afford. 

Concrete Repair

If you are concerned about a cracked foundation, a crumbling structural concrete wall, or a chipped driveway, don’t wait to reach out. Water and weather can seep into your existing concrete structures and cause further structural damage, which is why it’s important to connect with our construction experts sooner rather than later to provide you with our best repair services. Our team of repair experts will get your concrete looking better in no time!

Concrete Resurfacing

Revitalizing your existing concrete structure is a way to make it look better and bring sparkle and style to your home or business without the costs of full demolition and repour construction. Not only can our concrete contractors save you money, but we can also provide a unique and beautiful finish or pattern to your newly resurfaced concrete projects.

Seeking Concrete Services Los Angeles? We Deliver!

Whatever concrete construction service you need, LAX Concrete Contractors is ready to make it happen. Our professional builders have the reputation as the best concrete contractors in Los Angeles. Consider the following interesting finishing touches to add to your new project:

Decorative Concrete

With so many options for enhanced appearance for your concrete project, it’s a wonder that many people still consider the simple gray concrete look to be the extent of their options. It’s even possible to craft a special design just for your new parking lot, wall, or driveway that communicates your particular commercial brand or family crest and provides a unique experience. 


Concrete Stamping

You can achieve an interesting design on the border of your patio or walkway for your house or business with our quality concrete stamping service. Our professionals will use a shaped mat to press down on wet concrete, providing contour and design to the finished product. Stamped concrete can look great on your new patio or walkway without sacrificing quality.

Stained Concrete

Colors can be mixed and added to your concrete solution, creating a marbled or flecked design. It’s even possible to combine stamping and staining services to bring the masonry appearance of river rock, stone pavers, brick, cobblestones, and other options to your sidewalk, walls, or other concrete construction project without sacrificing quality. 

Treat Your Home or Business with TLC: Call LAX Concrete Contractors Today!

Concrete is a versatile and attractive material that is both durable and eco-friendly. With customizable options and quality finishes, it’s no wonder that this easy-to-clean material has a great reputation for homes, commercial spaces, and more all over the local Los Angeles, California area. 

Whether you need a backyard concrete retaining wall or a pool deck pour, a custom design walkway with pavers or a new driveway, you want to be sure you’re selecting the best concrete company in Los Angeles to complete the project and provide a great experience and customer service. 

We know that contracting services can be a hassle, but we take on that burden by being prompt, sticking to deadlines, and cleaning up once construction is complete. After all, your home renovation project may require you to hire the services of multiple contractors, which is why we deploy our charismatic and detail-oriented contractors to complete each project successfully. 

The Los Angeles area deserves nothing less than perfection, which is why we delight in serving our customers and taking our concrete work to the next level.

In short, we love the concrete business because we enjoy making our customers’ dreams come true. We are your Los Angeles neighbors who know you value your home or business, and our experts want to serve your concrete needs for years to come. 

Need concrete services in the Los Angeles area? Contact us today at LAX Concrete Contractors for superb service, a great experience, and fantastic results. You’ll be glad you did. 


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