Patio Builder Los Angeles

Outdoor living space is becoming a “must-have” aspect of homeownership these days. Whether it’s barbecuing with family members or enjoying songbirds at the feeder, a cement patio provides an all-in-one opportunity to enjoy the natural world in comfort and style.

If you are looking for concrete patio companies to help you install this versatile and eco-friendly home addition, contact LAX Concrete Contractors. Let’s talk about how to make this space your own. 

Nowadays, people are looking for a patio solution that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. After all, a rotting wooden deck with popped up nails isn’t the most inviting place to host your neighbors! Besides, who wants to stain and seal their deck all the time? That’s where concrete comes in.

But not only is concrete a low maintenance material, it offers these benefits:

Environmentally friendly

No timber is required, and concrete is recyclable 



Many Design Option


Slip-resistant, colored, and stamped options allow for smooth surfaces that reflect your personality and home style



Concrete patios do not require extensive upkeep, yet they can last for decades

Your Neighborhood Patio Installer Los Angeles

A properly designed and installed patio enhances the curb appeal of any home. At LAX Concrete Contractors, we see each contract as an opportunity to show off our creative handiwork while also constructing sturdy, durable patios that homeowners can enjoy for years to come. 

If you’ve never thought about concrete for your patio, consider the expanded options that concrete can provide these days. There are many interesting and attractive design options to choose from.

  • Stamped concrete– wet concrete, once poured, can be altered using a shaped mat. This mat is pressed onto the concrete to create interesting patterns.
  • Stained concrete– color can be added to concrete, making for bold or muted design options. Homeowners can also use stamped and stained concrete together to simulate materials such as brick or stone.
  • Textured concrete– concrete finishing can provide slip-resistant or textured looks to the concrete products

A Concrete Patio Los Angeles Homeowners Can Be Proud Of

If your patio could use a tune-up, reach out to LAX Concrete Contractors. It’s possible we can spruce up your existing space with a repair and resurfacing job. You can also add colored or stamped concrete, bringing a brand-new look to your exterior while saving you money. 

Consider reaching out for a quote to discuss what you have in mind. Maybe you are hoping for a tiled or cobblestone appearance, or perhaps river rock. Let your creativity run wild, and we’ll see what we can do for you! 

Your patio is an important part of the way you relax and enjoy your friends and family. Make your patio a special place to decorate for Halloween and Christmas-- or just to enjoy during the long summer days.

With LAX Concrete Contractors, you’ll rest easy knowing this enduring and affordable concrete installation is attractive and well made. Customer satisfaction is important to us, so give us a  call and let’s turn your patio dreams into reality.