15 Ways to Maximize a Concrete Patio

beautiful concrete patio backyard of a luxury house, Los Angeles

One of the most popular patio options for commercial and residential spaces is concrete. It’s durable, low-maintenance, and can be stained or painted any color to match your outdoor design style. However, without proper care, a concrete patio will crack over time, and you may need to call a professional patio contractor Los Angeles. 

This blog post will discuss 15 ways you can maximize concrete patios to last as long as possible!  

      • Use a concrete sealer. Concrete is made of sand and rocks that can be vulnerable to staining if not adequately protected by a quality sealant. A suitable sealing job will protect your floor from stains while also protecting against damage such as scratches and scuffs, which can cause the outdoor living space to deteriorate over time.  
      • Replace any broken pavers as soon as possible. It’s essential to keep the surface of your patio even and smooth, which is hard to do if you have a crack or chip in one spot from missing pieces. Replacing damaged/broken pavers will help ensure that no further damage occurs on your outdoor space. 
      • Keep an eye out for discoloration. Concrete is usually gray, but over time it can get stains or become permanently discolored if not cleaned regularly and properly maintained. Keep an eye on the patio to make sure you catch any minor changes before they turn into big ones by using a concrete cleaner explicitly designed for a Los Angeles outdoor living space. 
      • Utilize mats. Your patio is more likely to get damaged if it’s constantly being walked on by people tracking dirt, mud, and other debris into the area that can potentially damage the concrete surface. One best solution is to utilize doormats that will help protect the patios from dirt and other contaminants.  
      • Avoid using harsh chemicals. Concrete is very porous, making it more susceptible to daily damage from various cleaning chemicals used in Los Angeles homes/businesses. Using vinegar or bleach will strip the sealant off of your concrete patios faster than usual, which can lead to discoloration or even damage to the outdoor space. 
      • Clean up spills as soon as possible. This is especially true for water or other liquids, which can leave behind stains that are difficult to remove if not taken care of immediately. Spills should be wiped off with a dry cloth and then cleaned using warm soapy water before they have time to settle into the patios and stain them.  
      • Clean regularly to avoid hard water spots. Hard water forms in the cracks and crevices of the outdoor space surface when left unclean for too long; this can make daily cleaning difficult or even impossible, depending on how severe they are. Daily wiping down with warm soapy water will help avoid hard water spots by lifting the dirt and other grime out of it.  
      • Clean your patios with a pH-neutral cleaner. Your backyard beautification project will benefit from pH-neutral cleanersIt will prevent damage from acid spills and acids, such as those found in certain foods or chemicals.  These chemicals will cause irreversible damage to unprotected concrete patios if they’re left on for too long before being cleaned up. Using a pH-neutral cleaner will help you avoid acid damage by lifting it off the surface quickly.  
      • Wipe up any water puddles immediately. It will prevent large cracks from forming underneath the patios. Water causes concrete to expand, leading to long, wide cracks if a section of the patio isn’t allowed time to dry out before it starts to shrink back down. If you notice water puddles, wipe them up as soon as possible so they don’t cause any damage over time!  
      • Use a wooden broom instead of the rubber bristled variety. Using hard materials such as metal or plastic brushes can scratch and damage unprotected concrete patios due to their pressure on the surface. Wood will be less likely to scratch or damage a concrete floor and has the added benefit of being an eco-friendly option!  
      • Dust often for easier clean-up in between deep cleaning sessions. Dust can settle into every crevice and crack if left uncollected, making it more difficult to remove later. Sweeping up dust will help keep it from settling into the surface of your patio, which means you’ll be able to clean it more quickly and less often!  
      • Place a rug or mat at every entrance/exit to the outdoor space. Keeping dirt and other contaminants off of your concrete patios is essential for keeping them clean and protected over time, which is why rugs at every entrance/exit will help you do just that!  
      • Use a squeegee to dry wet floors. Moisture can cause mold growth if allowed to sit too long without being dried up first, so using a squeegee on the concrete surface after it gets wet can eliminate the risk of mold growth by drying it off quickly.  
      • Avoid waxing the patio, if possible, for easier upkeep. Wax is a great way to protect the concrete surface from dirt and other contaminants, but it will also make daily cleaning more difficult because you have to remove the wax before getting down deep into all those cracks and crevices, where grime likes to hide!  
      • Use a lower speed for your vacuum cleaner. Vacuums with higher speeds can cause damage and scratches on unprotected concrete patios, so using a slower setting will help you avoid this problem while still getting the job done!  
Frontyard concrete patio of a beautiful house in Los Angeles

Final thoughts  

Whether you want to maintain or improve your concrete patio, LAX Concrete Contractors has the right solution for you. We offer various services in the Los Angeles area, including resurfacing and restoration, that will ensure your patios are always looking like new no matter how much wear-and-tear they get from traffic or spills.  

If it’s time for an upgrade on any level, we can help with that too! Contact us today so we can set up a consultation and show you what quality work is. You won’t regret giving our patio services experts a call when considering what’s best for your home or business construction needs!  

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